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Xdot Architecture Firm

Xdot is a Budapest-based architectural firm specializing in home & home interior design. At the time, I was working at its mother company 'Singer Design' as an identity designer, so I was tasked with designing the new Xdot brand's whole identity, including the logo, website, social media covers and all other marketing materials.


Brand Design,

Web Design




scroll down animation for David Toth brand designer's website
Xdot cover design by David Toth brand designer

The Architectural Firm's style is bold, premium & simple. The branding conveys these ideas through the blatantly simple, yet punchy design language.

The logo consists of two main elements: An 'X' and a dot (shocker!)

It is a simple, but mysterious form with sharp edges, interesting dynamics and a black & white colour scheme.

Xdot logo design by David Toth brand designer

Many 'first times'


Designing the Xdot brand was huge for me, as it was my first project of this scale.

I learned a lot about web design and working with people. I worked together with a developer for the first time, as well as with a printing office, so I got to see lots of branding elements come to completion.

Xdot website design by David Toth brand designer
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