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Marketing Amazing

Marketing Amazing brings the best marketing and business books to Hungary and Central Europe. They also organize events, offer courses, give consultations and execute marketing campaigns. I had the opportunity to spearhead their rebranding project, including the logo re-design, new brand book, social media design & other offline brand assets.



Brand Design



scroll down animation for David Toth brand designer's website
Marketing amazing project cover by David Toth brand designer

After a thorough brand audit executed with the help of Scale Agency we defined the pillars of the brand identity.  Marketing Amazing is dynamic, youthful, creative, quality and professional.

To achieve this, the final logo redesign uses dynamic, upward pointing & sharp shapes with a daring, digital-first, vibrant purple colour & flowing gradient. The "M+A" initials and a mountain range also appear in the logo, making it feel adventurous and clever.

Marketing Amazing vertical logo orientation


Design with intent

When companies rebrand, it is often because something about their brand design wasn't working.

Before ever grabbing a pencil, a designer should learn about the client's market position, values & goals. That's the only way to achieve an intentful and impactful design.

Marketing Amazing totebag design by David Toth brand designer
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