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Inspiro moodboard app

Inspiro is an online moodboarding app for people to create inspiration and vision boards for almost anything. Great for home decor ideas, party planning, fitness, wedding planning and more. I submitted this project to Will Patterson's 2023 logo design competition, as part of a creative excercise to challenge my abilities and have some fun.




Brand Design,

UI design


scroll down animation for David Toth brand designer's website
Inspiro brand design project cover by David Toth brand designer

The app's main demographic are 20-40 y/o women who are looking for an appealing, customizable moodboarding app. The shapes, colours & typography target this aesthetic look and feel.

The logo features a spark design, which symbolises sparks of ideas & inspirations that users might discover while using the app. Aesthetic and hand-rendered fonts help convey the brand's inviting & quality nature.

Inspiro logo design by David Toth brand designer

The joy of creating


I'm really passionate about design! I started doing graphic design because it was fun, but sometimes when I get caught up in client work I forget that.

This project was a reminder to me from me to keep experimenting and enjoying my passion. Sometimes design is not about results, but about having fun.

Inspiro business card design by David toth brand designer
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