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HYDROTEST sells, rents, examines & repairs different kinds of lifting machinery. I got to redesign their existing, outdated brand identity to make it reflect their true values. After assessing the company's strenghts, values, position and goals I was able to design a strong, modern & elegant look for the brand.


Brand Design




scroll down animation for David Toth brand designer's website
Hydrotest branding project by David Toth brand designer

HYDROTEST is up-to date, professional & dynamic. My goal with the brand design process was to modernize their look and reflect the company's nature through it.

The emblem of the logo includes the letter 'H' in its negative space, while the shape signals stability, elegance & shows an upward moving dynamic scene. The arrows also contribute to the dynamic, forward-looking feel . 

Hydrotest logo design by David Toth brand designer

Longevity in design


This project was one of the first in which I created a multi-page brand style guide. 

Finding the proper design rules and guidelines to assure long-term maintainability to the quality of design was quite the challenge, but also fun. 

Hydrotest logo on hat by David Toth brand designer
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