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DRB Invest

DRB Invest offers premium investment properties in the form of holiday houses.
Their original branding lacked the professional and premium feel it was trying to achieve, so with the help of
Cliqlab Marketing Agency, I got to work and refined the design. As part of this project I also redesigned the DRB website and provided new brand design guidelines.



Brand Design

Web Design



scroll down animation for David Toth brand designer's website
DRB Invest project cover by David Toth brand designer

DRB Invest is a relialable, luxurious and value-creating brand. The brand design's main goal is to attract potential investors of premium properties. One way it does that is through the classy black-white-silver colours scheme.

The logo improves upon the original by having more delicate and structured linework and a more serious & professional sans serif font. The chromatic emblem and the decorative silver lines contribute to the high-end feel, while the branding remains as simple as possible.

DRB Invest logo chrome version


Just a little polish

Often times original brand designs have great core ideas, but need some refinement to really shine.

I think a good designer, when approached with a re-branding project, should recognise and improve upon these ideas (if they truly are good), Giving the original intent a second chance can yield amazing results. 

DRB Invest web design mockup
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