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Hi, my name is David!

I am a remote brand designer based in Budapest, Hungary.

I've been a designer for 5 years with a specialisation in brand design for the past 2 years & I'm just as passionate about it as ever. Every day I keep learning and bettering my skills in the field through courses, books and lots of practice. I have a Technical Qualification in graphic design and a university degree in marketing, which gives me a unique perspective within the design space.

I help startups get more clients by designing them stunning brand identities, including logo design, web design & more. I'm currently available for freelance jobs in limited capacity.

↓  See my workflow below! 

David Toth brand designer sticker by David Toth
Designer sticker by David Toth
Strategic design sticker by David Toth
Blurry light background by David Toth brand designer

My brand design process

Core values icon by David Toth brand designer
Moodboarding icon by David Toth brand designer
Fonts and colours icon by David Toth brand designer
Logo design icon by David Toth brand designer
Offline design icon by David Toth brand designer
Online design icon by David Toth brand designer
Instagram sticker design by David Toth brand designer

01. Values & Goals
Firstly, we have to assess your brand's core values, long-term goals, its market and its position within that market. This information will give the DNA of your brand and the footing of its design.

02. Moodboarding

Based on the info so far, we'll collect and curate inspiration for your brand's design & illustrate it all on a moodboard. This will help us get on the same page about the visual style of your brand.

03. Colours & Fonts

Considering your brand's style, industry, competitors, all sorts of colour psychology- & typography rules, with a healthy dose of intuition on my part we'll determine your brand's colours & fonts.

04. Logo design

Now that we have a solid foundation we can get started on creating a memorable, unique & functional logo for your brand. You'll get multiple options & a chance to refine the design.

05. Offline image

Using the colours, fonts, logo & style we have so far I'll create your offline branding elements, such as business cards, letterheads, promotional materials & anything else you need.

06. Online image

Lastly, we'll complete your brand's consistent appearance by designing your online presence too. This can include your website's design, social media covers, email signatures, content & more.

Follow me!

I have a lot more content on Instagram, such as educational posts about branding, reviews of big rebrands, showcases of my personal projects and more. Follow me for all the good stuff!

Fonts background for David Toth brand designer's website

I also have fonts  👀

I've always found typography and the balance between uniqueness, legibility & font personality fascinating. So I started a little font foundry..

You can support me and my work by purchasing my fonts on Creative Market. Appreciate ya'!

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